Provincial Training Centre

The Provincial Training Centre (PTC) provides a contemporary sports environment that delivers quality training and competition opportunities for athletes with provincial, post-secondary, or national team aspirations. The Team BC program is an extension of the PTC, where targeted athletes represent BC in domestic and international competitions. 


The PTC offers a holistic and integrated approach that follows the Long-Term Development pathway. Key objectives include water polo skill development, improving fitness and athletic abilities in and out of the pool, ongoing athlete analysis and assessment, mental performance, nutrition, recovery and injury prevention, and post-secondary recruitment strategies. Training and competition are aligned with Canadian water polo technical and tactical foundations and supported by sports research to support athletes toward their water polo goals. 


Pre-PTC Introductory Pathway (Learn to Train) - 13U 

PTC Development Pathway (Train to Train) - 15U


PTC Performance Pathway (Train to Compete) - 17U, 19U, Post-Secondary

PTC athletes train at the UBC Aquatic Centre

Due to COVID-19, PTC sessions have been postponed/delayed. For more information please email