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2024 Team BC

Water Polo West is proud to select the following athletes to Team BC. These athletes will be invited to attend the Age Group National Team (AGNT) selection event in Calgary from January 12 to 14th, 2024. Each Team BC will play a match against  Team Alberta and Team Saskatchewan.

Water Polo Canada Player Eligibility

Players who wish to compete for the Age Group National Team Programs must fit the following criteria:

  1. Participate in their local RDC, provincially recognized program, or SNT Training Centre

  2. Be a member of their Provincial Team (where applicable)

  3. Be competing in the NCL or in the Senior NCL

  4. NCAA athletes are exempt from #3


Water Polo West Player Eligibility

To be considered eligible for selection a player for Team BC, a player must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently registered as a player with Water Polo West & Water Polo Canada

  • Previously registered in the 2022-23 Provincial Training Centre Program

  • In good standing as an athlete with Water Polo West/Water Polo Canada


Selection to Team BC is based on the following:

  • Performance at the 2023 National Championships (Team BC)

  • Provincial Coach Observations at the Provincial Training Centre

  • Club Player Rankings (when provided/available)

  • NCL Data (when available)

Team BC/AGNT Project
Water Polo West is pleased to announce the initial list of players selected to the teams attending the AGNT selection event in Calgary from January 12th to 14th, 2024.


Each of these players will be provided an opportunity to register for the Team BC/AGNT project by 7pm on December 22nd. Subject to the number of players that register before the stated deadline, additional players may be invited to register on Team BC. Additional players may also be invited to register to ensure the team has sufficient depth in all positions.


PLEASE NOTE: Players not meeting all Water Polo Canada and Water Polo West eligibility criteria are not eligible for selection. 



Team BC - Women

Field Players

  • Natalia Blazevic  (Pacific Storm)

  • Mackenzy Clark (FVWPC/ San Jose State)

  • Amelia Falys (Fraser Valley Water Polo Club)

  • Sophia Howie (Fraser Valley Water Polo Club)

  • Tasha Kulenovic (Pacific Storm)

  • Sidney Low (Pacific Storm)

  • Cassie Maclaren (Pacific Storm)

  • Riley Milne (Pacific Storm)

  • Yuka Piersic (Fraser Valley Water Polo Club)

  • Melania Segulja (Pacific Storm)

  • Georgia Springate (Surrey Water Polo Club)



  • Alexandra Stoddard (Fraser Valley Water Polo Club) 

  • Julia Taras (Fraser Valley Water Polo Club)

Team BC - Men

Field Players

  • Alberto Baseghi (Pacific Storm)

  • Ryder   Coughlin (Fraser Valley Water Polo Club)

  • Caiomyn Fitzgerald (FVWPC/Queens University)

  • Aiden Hallett  (Fraser Valley Water Polo Club)

  • Austin  Hexter (Fraser Valley Water Polo Club)

  • Nathan Johnson (Fraser Valley Water Polo Club)

  • Su Yuan Lu (Dennis)  (Pacific Storm)

  • Giancarlo Marquez  (Pacific Storm/Spartans)

  • Adam Rashed (Fraser Valley Water Polo Club)

  • Timur  Sorokin (Fraser Valley Water Polo Club)

  • Lyle Weitz (Fraser Valley Water Polo Club)



  • Parker Forsberg (Fraser Valley Water Polo Club)

  • Elliott King  (Fraser Valley Water Polo Club)

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